The life of a company is marked by positive and negative events, including an event like the move. On average, every nine to ten years, a business moves. Several reasons are still behind this voluminous decision: too small premises, unsuitable location, improved working conditions, to work better, to consolidate its activities, to expand its sector of activity …

The company move


The move is above all a major managerial subject, so it is necessary to study its impact on the professional activity of the company. Moreover, the move of a company can not be improvised, as a manager of a company, you have to make sure that everything is in order and everything is implemented. A successful move of your business must be: questioned, surveyed and carefully prepared.

The company move

Steps necessary for a successful move:

Steps necessary for a successful move:

1. Identify your moving needs

Before you pack your belongings and furniture, you must clearly identify the moving needs of your business. The more we assume and become aware of the real motivation of this move, the better we can organize and realize it in the measurement of art.

2. List your expectations

This step helps in the quick selection of the best structures. No matter what your business area is , the search must have keywords to get specific results. For example, if you want to expand your business, you need to choose a new location bigger, more open, less eccentric …. Moreover, in order to avoid certain pitfalls and risks concerning the chosen geographical location, do not hesitate to ask your collaborators and your customers to have their opinion, this can sometimes confirm or cancel the choice made.

3. Inform the employees and consider all the consequences

The human component is as important as the logistics aspect in any business move . So that once the decision is made and assumed, it is important to inform your employees as soon as possible and to communicate around this event within the company to avoid any ambiguities and source of apprehensions and conflicts between the collaborators.

4. Estimate a budget

Estimating a budget is also essential, try to compare several quotes with several movers to choose the best one.

removal formality

5. Check the formalities to be completed

It is imperative to inform you about the necessary formalities in the context of the move:

  • Deposit the lease of your former premises even before 6 months from the departure of the offices;
  • Change addresses, phone lines and subscriptions, etc;
  • Audit the new premises;

These tasks do not have to be done months in advance, it is important to know them to better plan your departure and office layout at your new location.

In summary :

A move can really inspire a dynamism and be a driving force for a company. However, the image of the latter can both enjoy and suffer.

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